The Global Voices Podcast – Behind the Plays, Beyond the Stage

The Global Voices Podcast explores wider social and political contexts, enabing stories to cross borders and bring people closer together.

The Podcast engages with the writers behind our events, who are based all over the world. Each series is curated by a host, who bring their own vision and creativity to the episodes.

Listen here:

S2E6 Special: Jewish Dramaturgy and Discussion Global Voices Podcast

  1. S2E6 Special: Jewish Dramaturgy and Discussion
  2. S2E5 Hana Vazana-Grunwald: Papa’gina
  3. S2E4 Jessica Benhamou: The Kahena, Berber Queen
  4. S2E3 Sarah Waisvisz: Heartlines
  5. S2E2 L M Feldman: A People
  6. S2E1 Philip Arditti: Extinct

The series is also available to listen on Spotify and Anchor.

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