Global Jewish Voices, April 2022

Presented in association with Asylum Arts at Bush Theatre. Curated by Victor Esses, the plays presented are: The Kahena, Berber Queen by Berthe Bénichou-Aboulker (Algeria), translated from French by Jessica Benhamou Directed by Jessica Benhamou Performed by Lyna Dubarry, Liraz Chamami, Ruggero Barlaba, and Ali Azhar This is the story of the warrior queen andContinue reading “Global Jewish Voices, April 2022”

Global Female Voices, April 2018

Curated and performed by the Arcola Women’s Company and friends, as part of Creative/Disruption Festival 2018. Endlings by Celine Song (South Korea)  Directed by Fumi Gomez  On the island of Man-Jae in Korea, three elderly women spend their dying days diving into the ocean to harvest seafood with nothing but a rusty knife. They areContinue reading “Global Female Voices, April 2018”

Global Female Voices, July 2018

Presented in association with Arcola Participation. Where We Belong by Madeline Sayet (Mohegan Nation, USA) Directed by Ignacia Goycoolea Performed by Siar Kanik Where We Belong is a solo performance piece interrogating notions of belonging in a globalized world. As the descendent of generations of Mohegan Medicine People, Madeline Sayet uses her personal narrative, theContinue reading “Global Female Voices, July 2018”

Global Female Voices, Feb 2019

Presented in association with Arcola Theatre and curated by Fauve Alice. Tales Of a City by the Sea by Samah Sabawi (Australia/Palestine) Directed by Belinda Clarke Performed by Sami Edris, Lauren Santana, and Kheira Bey Torn between two worlds and one heartbreaking ultimatum, Jomana and Rami must decide whether love is strong enough to battleContinue reading “Global Female Voices, Feb 2019”

Global Arab Female Voices, March 2019

Presented in association with Arts Canteen as part of the Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival at Rich Mix. Curated by Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso, the plays presented are: Them by Samah Sabawi (Australia/Palestine)  Directed by Tanushka Marah  Performed by Nezar Alderazi and Lara Sawalha  A tragicomedy about love, honor and sacrifice in times of war, violenceContinue reading “Global Arab Female Voices, March 2019”

Global Queer Voices, April 2019

Presented in association with Arcola Theatre as part of the Creative/Disruption Festival.  Curated by William Gregory, the plays presented are: Furious Orlando by Pedro Víllora, translated by David Drake (Spain) Directed by Elliot Jokinen Performed by Orietta Subrizi and Emily Joh Miller Based on the poem Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto, this monologue is aContinue reading “Global Queer Voices, April 2019”

Global Indigenous Voices, June 2019

Presented in association with Border Crossings as part of ORIGINS Festival at the British Library. Curated by Madeline Sayet, the plays presented are: Bingo Hall by Dillon Chitto (Laguna and Isleta Pueblos, Mississippi Choctaw – U.S.A.) Directed by Mariana Aristizabal Performed by Raphael Ruiz, Acushla-Tara Kupe, Hadleigh Harrison and Vanessa Lee Wisecracking Edward Anaya makesContinue reading “Global Indigenous Voices, June 2019”

Global Black Voices, August 2019

Presented in association with the Roundhouse. Curated by Bridget Minamore, the plays presented are: I Love Him BUT… by Maxwell Odoi-Yeboah (Ghana) Directed by Sean Graham Performed by Oyin Orija, Kwame Asiedu, Susan Abebe, Ben Scheck, Comfort Fabian, Benjamin Sarpong-Broni, and Michael Oluborode Jesse and Akua have to separate as a couple because of Jesse’sContinue reading “Global Black Voices, August 2019”

Global Latin American Voices, November 2019

Presented in association with the Roundhouse. Curated by Malú Ansaldo, the plays presented are: The S.A.D Summers of Princess Diana by Carla Zuñiga (Chile)  Translated by Fran Olivares Directed by Julieta Kilgelmann Performed by Fran Olivares and Pepa Duarte A princess named Diana is held prisoner in the tower of a castle under mysterious circumstances. SlowlyContinue reading “Global Latin American Voices, November 2019”