Global Arab Female Voices – 9th March 2019

A platform for stories unheard:

Global Voices is a theatre project working with international playwrights to showcase plays in translation and from the wider English-speaking world through rehearsed reading events.

Following a worldwide call-out, Global Arab Female Voices in partnership with AWAN will showcase excerpts of up to 5 plays from Arab writers around the globe. Curated by Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso, producer of Shubbak Festival and director of At Home in Gaza and London, the event will also include a post-performance discussion about the plays featured, and the common themes unearthed.

Come and discover five excerpts of plays never before staged in the UK:

– The Manual of Little Wars by Chrystèle Khodr (Lebanon) translated by Katharine Halls, directed by Sara Aniqa Malik

– Ordinary People by Zainab Magdy (Egypt) translated by Zainab Magdy & Katharine Halls, directed by Diyan Zora

– Noura by Heather Raffo (IUSA-Iraq) directed by Layla Madanat

– A Sheep Chase by Amiya Nagpal (UAE) directed by Beverly Andrews and

– Them by Samah Sabawi (Australia-Palestine)

Following a worldwide call-out, Global Arab Female Voices in partnership with AWAN will showcase excerpts of up to 5 plays from Arab writers around the globe.


At a time when it is increasingly radical to be international, Global Voices aims to support emerging playwrights whose points of view might otherwise not be represented; to bring audiences knowledge of worlds they may never have had the opportunity to engage with and to be a forum for open discussion about current issues and the role of the arts within global debate. Come and join the adventure!

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AWAN, which is about to enter its 5th edition, showcases the work of contemporary Arab women artists in the UK, Europe and beyond, providing opportunities for artists and audiences to celebrate, be informed and network whilst exposing new audiences to the work of emerging and established artists.

This Event is produced by Arts Canteen in association with Global Voices Theatre and supported by Rich Mix London.

Global Female Voices – 23rd Feb 2019

Global Voices Theatre are back with a brand new selection of the best international new writing. Come discover excerpts of plays never before staged in the UK; read and performed by members of the Arcola Community Theatre Companies, the event is programmed via an international call for playwrights and curated by Fauve Alice.

23 Feb 8pm
Arcola Theatre 24 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL London, United Kingdom

This edition’s theme is Desire. Fauve says:

“As we read the many beautiful and engaging submissions that we received from across the globe, desire seemed a fitting perspective from which to engage with these texts. For all their differences in story and form it was the desires of the characters which captured us and made us want to inquire further, to place them onstage. We invite our audience to look at these five disparate pieces from that perspective.”

From Australia/Palestine:

Tales Of a City by the Sea by Samah Sabawi
Directed by Belinda Clarke

Torn between two worlds and one heartbreaking ultimatum, Jomana and Rami must decide whether love is strong enough to battle religion, family and home.

From India:

Shikhandi – The Story of the In-Betweens by Faezeh Jalali
Directed by Filiz Ozcan

Shikhandi was Amba in her previous life who had sworn revenge on Bhishma for abducting her from her Swayamvar and then refusing to marry her. On her wedding night, Yaksha gives Shikhandi his penis in exchange for her vagina, and she (Shikandi) is transformed into a ‘man’.

However, on the battlefield (of Kurukshetra, between the Pandavs and Kauravs), Bhishma sees Shikhandi as a woman. Will Bhishma attack Shikhandi? Will Shikhandi finally get her revenge?

From Croatia:

Encounter by Nina Mitrović
Translated by the playwright
Directed by Emma Linley

What happens when a son and his father talk? On the verge of conflict, where communication is almost impossible, Encounter brilliantly captures the charged atmosphere between father and son, where resentment and love resides.

From Serbia:

I Often Dream of Revolution by Olga Dimitrijević
Translated by Ksenija Latinović
Directed by Olorunfemi Fagunwa

Three women meet at the beginning of a social revolution. As they join the upheaval, I Often Dream of Revolution explores the role of women in social change and war migration, and the power of feminist love, solidarity and friendship.

From Argentina:

Ella (She) by Susana Torres Molina
Translated by María Claudia André and Barbara Younoszai
Directed by Betsy Picart

Two men reveal their desperation, fragility and vulnerability, when suffering from uncontrollable desire. How far will they go to win one woman’s complete devotion and love?

The reading will be followed by a half hour post-show discussion: “What women want: how is female desire portrayed on stage?” Panellists include Co-Founder of [Foreign Affairs] theatre company, Trine Garrett.