Global Queer Voices, April 2019

Presented in association with Arcola Theatre as part of the Creative/Disruption Festival. 

Curated by William Gregory, the plays presented are:

Furious Orlando by Pedro Víllora, translated by David Drake (Spain)

Directed by Elliot Jokinen

Performed by Orietta Subrizi and Emily Joh Miller

Based on the poem Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto, this monologue is a tribute to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting. 

He Came To Berlin To Die by Jason Morris Danino Holt (Israel) 

Directed by Guido Garcia

Performed by Cinthia Lilen and Alyx Nazir

An accumulation of testimonies and threads from the Berlin queer community, through which there is an investigation into death and the dying myth of Berlin. 

Will You Come With Me? by Ebru Nihan Celkan, translated by Kate Ferguson (Turkey)

Directed by Tasmine Airey

Performed by Sedef Hekimgil and Dilek Rose

Everything started with defending trees in Gezi Park, with a peaceful demonstration, with a party. A social movement. A new love. Umut begins both with tenderness, but one ends in violence and terror, and the other becomes an endless ordeal. How does she stand against the uncontrollable?

My Dear by Olga Dimitrijević, translated by Ksenija Latinović (Serbia)

Directed by Yuyu Wang

Performed by Lolade D. Ajala, Tanushka Gill, and Isabel Pudden

Dragica’s partner Ivana has passed and she now spends her days with Zagorka, watching their city Belgrade transformed into a newer, more modern space where they do not belong. The play confronts issues of age, ideology, sexuality, and gender discrimination, shining a light on older women who have fought against cultural norms for their dignity, pride, and happy endings. 

Talking Heads by Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile (Botswana)

Directed by Rebecca Goh

Performed by Lolade D. Ajala and Mzz Kimberly/Kim Tatum

Two neighbours: one a widower who seeks femme freedom, rattling the cage of Botswana’s constraints, and the other a God-fearing housewife, just happy to be at home. The two explore the excitement of being single and available together in this comedy about love. 

So Far by Vikrant Dhote (India)

Directed by Elliot Jokinen

Performed by Orietta Subrizi and Emily Joh Miller

Two ex-lovers meet and discuss their lives. This short play is a moving exploration of people living a heteronormative life while being queer, a stark reality for many queer people in India.
The post-performance panel discussion was chaired by translator William Gregory, and featured Chinese drag king Whiskey Chow, academic Dr Stephen Farrier, and playwright Jason Morris Danino Holt.

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