Global Latin American Voices, November 2019

Presented in association with the Roundhouse. Curated by Malú Ansaldo, the plays presented are:

The S.A.D Summers of Princess Diana by Carla Zuñiga (Chile) 

Translated by Fran Olivares

Directed by Julieta Kilgelmann

Performed by Fran Olivares and Pepa Duarte

A princess named Diana is held prisoner in the tower of a castle under mysterious circumstances. Slowly she discovers the reasons why she is locked up, and with the help of her children she attempts to escape before something worse happens. Drawing inspiration from Diana Princess of Wales’s image, the play explores gender-based violence throughout history.

Nezahualcóyotl Dreams en Mictlan York by Xavier Villanova (Mexico)

Translated by Roberto Cavazos

Directed by Pepa Duarte

Performed by Paulina Lenoir Guajardo, Drew Paterson, and Ricardo Gilfillan

What happens when you die alone? Who takes care of what you leave behind? Follow Ron, Juan and Rose in a gorgeous and dream-like piece about the mundane and the extraordinary, the motions of everyday life and the dreams we wish we had.

La Jana by Juan Aguilera Justiniano (Chile)

Translated by Roberto Cavazos

Directed by María José Andrade

Performed by Natalia Knowlton, Diego Poupin, and Francisco Diaz

La Jana is a fish-stealing thief who shoots from the hip and tells it how it is. From reminiscing about the devastating 2010 earthquake to a dissection of modern politics, this tour de force of ingenious writing pays tribute to people on the margins and those left behind. 

The Ranch of the Lost Boys written and translated by Sebastián Eddowes (Perú) 

Directed by Almiro Andrade

Performed by Julene Robinson, Cinthia Lilen, and Franko Figueiredo

Benjamin Murieta dreams of becoming a filmmaker, but this seems impossible when his country is in crisis. He does the only thing he can: steal all his grandfather’s savings and find his favourite director, Alexander Porfirievich Zinatov, in faraway Belarus. There, master and pupil must figure out how to connect with each other or face mutual destruction.

The Extraordinary Life by Mariano Tenconi Blanco (Argentina)

Translated by Laura Guidi

Directed by Miguel Hernando Torres Umba

Performed by Ellen Victoria and Florencia Cordeucuccia

Life is one and the same for Blanca and Aurora. Across confessional diaries, letters, theatre, and poetry, their friendship charts the transience of life and a pattern of lived experience repeating over millions of years.

The post-performance panel discussion was curated by Professor Catherine Boyle, and featured Roundhouse Head of Performing Arts Malú Ansaldo, British Council Programme Manager Vanessa Gabriel-Robinson, and director and choreographer Andrea Peláez.

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